Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Big One

As part of our quest for mileage and adventure Danger and I will be making a trek to Provo, UT. We haven't quite picked a day yet but I have been working on routes and plans. We're probably looking at either sometime in June because of some openings in the auto cross schedule and what not or possible August for the Provophenia scooter rally. Why Provo? More than anything because I have a lot of friends down that way that will put us up and we can hang out with. Maybe get some tattoos at Death or Glory to commemorate the trip. I do oficially have a researched, measured, and plotted map ready to be tried out. Danger and I are going to see Earth Crisis this Friday so we're going to follow my map and make sure there's nothing we're missing. One big concern of mine right off is there is a rather large distance between noted cities. This isn't too much of a problem for me as the Stella gets about 80mpg and has a 2 gallon tank. Danger's Zuma however, gets about 45mpg and has a 1 gallon tank so that could become an issue, but we'll see. Another big concern of mine is hauling gear, like camping stuff and extra fuel, oil, and tools. I've been looking into getting a bicycle trailer and just modifying it but they're about $200 for a piece of crap so I may see if I can get someone to build me one. I'm counting down the days til the 15th. I'm trying to not ride my scooter too much before the 15th so I can just get a straight run at it. The urge is there though, and it is strong.

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